Australian-based subtle-luxury cashmere label Theron is both a minimalist perspective and hallmark of modern luxury.

The wilderness of Indian, Chinese and Mongolian terrains is where the fine-hair fleece is farmed from the undercoats of native Hircus goats. The hair is then processed in artisan workshops, where skilled craftsmen transition the precious fibre into modern, clean-line silhouettes.

The Theron woman is beautifully draped in softly tailored and oversized pieces executed in fine cashmere and fluid cashmere-silk blends that luxuriously weather the New York climate while respecting the traditional fibres and their origins.

Autumnal hues of black, midnight navy, sterling grey and charcoal reflect the passing cityscape of imposing buildings, while lighter strokes of blush mimic the city’s famed last light at dusk.

Key elements to this seasons collection include: the French-style Paloma button back crew neck knit with rounded hemline, the classic ribbed turtle neck Dillon sweater and the loose-fit Avalon v-neck sweater.